Recycling upwards

The second week in November turned out to be ‘National Recycling Week’ in Australia. I don’t know who thought that one up. It was promoted in Lesmurdie (where I live) and through Men of the Trees where on Monday 10 November a Recycling Workshop was held. Recycling has always been part of my nature. It probably started in my primary school years when Britain was in the grip of Hitler’s war and we looked on all materials as having a second life. Nothing was ever wasted.

The Kitchen Dresser in my home workshop

The Kitchen Dresser in my home workshop

Well it just turned out that a little relaxing woodwork I had begun about three months earlier came to fruition. This kitchen dresser suggested itself when a friend around the corner offered me a whole lot of pine packing case for firewood, or whatever else I could use it for. Today, thanks to having access to some pretty spiffy woodworking machinery at the Kalamunda Mens Shed, it stands completed and awaiting someone’s kitchen to furnish. Its by no means a new idea. Pioneer settlers never discarded the packing cases that brought their chattels from the homeland. Why not keep the craft alive? (Fortunately after occupying my little home workshop for so many weeks I was wondering if it would ever go, it did find a taker – not through GumTree or eBay or any of those clever IT ways, but through a card in our local IGA supermarket window.

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