Cargill Ag joins The Forest Trust

Scott Poynton with Barrie Oldfield
Cargill joins TFT – palm oil industry reaches a tipping point

Scott Poynton, who helps the world’s industries clean up their supply chains, has signed up
Cargill Ag, the US’s largest importer of palm oil, to become a TFT member. This means it will work to trace its palm oil back to plantation and work with its suppliers to transform environmental and social practices on the ground. This is a big deal. Palm oil has long been associated with human rights violations and the destruction of rainforests, bringing the industry to a tipping point where change must happen.
In many commodity sectors, finding a path between the needs of business and local people requires the work of skilled and courageous professionals. There was a shortage of specific skills in Africa, so TFT decided to start training people. Since 2008, TFT’s Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) has trained 50 social experts.  
The Forest Trust is a global non-profit organisation helping companies transform the way they source their products. Working between the two worlds of business and nature, we work out in the field and negotiate in the boardroom to help companies bring about change.

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