Record 100,000 trees planted in one hour

Men of the Trees WA establish world record

1978 volunteers came to Whiteman Park to plant 100,450 trees in one hour

1978 volunteers came to Whiteman Park to plant 100,450 trees in one hour

Men of the Trees in Western Australia have established a new world record for the most trees planted simultaneously (and in one hour).

Thanks to the help of 1978 volunteer planters and their sponsors, 100,450 trees were planted in one hour at Whiteman Park on Friday 25 July, 2014. Whiteman Park is a 4,000 hectare recreation and conservation reserve situated 22 km North of Perth, Western Australia. In acknowledging the feat the Editors of the Guinness Book of World Records offered their congratulations to all those involved in the logistics and the planting.

The day was brilliantly organised with 50+ teams each of 50 planters, everyone having to plant 50 trees within the timed hour. Ages ranged from school children through to aged and retired. Even Sallie and I, well into our retirement years, managed our quota of 100 trees in 40 minutes. This, in fact, seemed to be average for the entire site. Though the weather stayed fine whilst we planted the rain began just as we ended. How often this has happened to us in the past. The heavens and clouds know just when to water our freshly planted seedlings in place!

Full marks to Cliff Morris, Paula Galvin, Adele Scarphone, Larraine Deacon and their helpers. But no marks to our West Australian newspaper which took our $1000 advertisement, hid it away on page 35 and ignored the very significant news value of the story. Please spread the word around to all who will smile and share a little joy at reading this positive Tree Planting story. May we all be encouraged!

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  • Scott Poynton

    No flies on Men of the Trees Western Australia Barrie! Congratulations to you and everyone involved. Really brilliant.


  • linda chapman

    Well done! What fun that day would have been. Would loved to have been part of it. Have special memories of Whitemans Park and also Tree planting days at Moora.
    Yes shame on the newspaper not giving the advertisement its due respect, of all businesses that use paper made from trees to make their money!

  • Paul Mantle

    Congratulations on this epic, inspiring achievement! Paul in Grass Valley, California

  • Pauline Tonkin

    Congratulations Barrie. Forever St Barbe’s Pied Piper!
    Men of the Trees truly do make a world of difference.

  • Audrey & Martyn Worsley

    Well done, Barrie and your teams! A really worthwhile achievement to help the planet in our little corner of the world.

  • John Bonser

    Congratulations Barrie, The planet Earth needs more people with your ecological drive. I, and several thousand others have had a small victory in stopping the Santander Bank from continuing to fund the decimation of the Indonesian Rain Forests. Keep up the good work.
    Your cousin-in-law John UK


    Well done and congrats to the OAPs.

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